07 July 2017

Hili Group is moving to York University

The Hili Group is relocating its research programme to York University in Toronto, Canada. The group will be moving into new lab space within the Life Sciences Building in mid-July.

10 May 2017

Katie wins an IIRG award!

Congratulations to Katie for receiving a 2017 Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant for her proposal on functionalized DNA as bimolecular catalysts!!

Katie Zhang

25 April 2017

Cailen wins 2017 Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant!

Congratulations to Cailen for receiving a 2017 Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant!! The Graduate School at UGA established this program as part of its strategic initiative to support innovation and interdisciplinary research being conducted by doctoral students.

Cailen McCloskey

23 March 2017

Hili Group at 2017 ACS National Meeting in San Francisco

Come check out our recent research at the ACS National meeting in April.  Delaney Hook will be presenting a talk on her high-throughput catalyst discovery platform (read abstract) and Yi Lei will be presenting a poster on her LOOPER system (read abstract).

Delaney Hook (left) and Yi Lei (right)

Update: pictures from the ACS!

Delaney peeping for her talk

Yi at her poster